IIR medical face mask.

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Need protection against Covid-19?

With the help of the IIR medical mask you are protected against more than 98% of bacteria. In addition, it offers good splash resistance.

High protection

The excellent filter offers an active protection of more than 98% against bacteria.

CE certified

Assured of high quality with a CE certification.

Dutch face mask

The Core Hygienics IIR face mask is available throughout the Netherlands.

This is how you use your Core Hygienics

IIR medical face mask.

Desinfect your hands

Before opening and touching the mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or with alcohol / disinfectant with a > 60% alcohol base.


Grab a face mask

Grab the face mask with both hands by the loops.

Put on a face mask

Make sure that the colored side of the mask is facing out. Place the mask with the metal nose strip at the top over the nose, mouth and chin. Tighten the loops around the ears.


Shape to face

Adjust the position of the mask for a comfortable fit, so that the mask continues to cover the mouth, nose and chin. Press and adjust the nose strip until it conforms to the shape of the nose.

Throw away a face mask

Dispose of the packaging and the used face mask responsibly.


This product is for single use and is not reusable. This product is not suitable for harmful gases, chemicals, steam, smoke or oily aerosols. Before use, check that the mask is unused, damaged, cut or wet. Use the mask as soon as possible after unpacking. Do not use this mask if you do not feel a good seal between your face and the rim.

Download brochure

Download the brochure for the IIR medical face mask. Enter your details and receive the brochure directly in your mailbox.

Nice to know


EU Certified

Meets the strict European standard


Excellent quality

98% bacterial filter efficiency

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