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Sanitizer Station 5.0

The Sanitizer Station 5.0 is a variant of the sanitizer stations with different options, such as a display screen and a drip tray. The dispenser is activated by means of a sensor. The stainless steel disinfection column contains a reservoir of no less than 10 liters and can therefore dispense 4000 doses.


We have noticed that in some cases dispensers dispense too much hand sanitizer, which creates unnecessary dirt. We solved this problem with the drip tray.


In addition, there is the option of mounting an LED screen for a personal message. Here you can choose a pre-programmed message or a message that you can adjust yourself via an online portal.


The Sanitizer Station 5.0 can be activated with batteries as well as with the mains socket. The disinfection column also comes standard with a starter kit of 5 liters of hand sanitizer.


Nice to know


Stainless steel

All sanitizer stations are made of stainless steel


Hand sanitizer included

Disinfecting hand sanitizer is included as standard

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