FFP2 face masks required to be made available

Updated: Feb 12

On January 26, 2021, the motion was passed asking the government to make FFP2 mouth-nose masks compulsorily available to caregivers. The impetus for this was provided by the V&VN and a number of trade unions.

The demand for making these quality masks available from the V&VN, is because the standard of surgical masks is considered insufficient. They see the FFP2 masks as offering better protection for nurses and other care providers when they come into contact with patients. In fact, the professional association argues that it should be a standard.

The motion does not yet make the masks mandatory, but does require employers to make the mouth-nose masks available to its caregivers. This is to prevent the more contagious British variant which, according to virologists and OMT members, has a high risk of a third wave.

Besides this, the current working conditions for healthcare workers are not optimal. The FFP2 masks can provide a solution for a safer and better work situation.

If you are an employer and have only used surgical mouth masks to date, we may be able to help. We produce millions of FFP2 mouth masks certified every day. We also have millions in stock, allowing us to deliver in large numbers immediately.

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