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Hand Sanitizer

The Santé hygienic hand sanitizer is a disinfecting hand sanitizer with 75% alcohol and thus offers protection against bacteria and viruses. This disinfecting hand sanitizer contains a moisturizing Aloe Vera, which leaves you with a fresh, soft and non-sticky feeling. In short, the disinfecting hand gel for every day!


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Santé Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer 100ml

  • Handy take-away format

  • Contains 75% alcohol

  • One box contains 120 pieces


Santé Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer 130ml

  • Handy take-away format

  • Contains 70% alcohol

  • One box contains 40 pieces


Santé Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer 236ml

  • Suitable for public places, such as libraries and shops

  • Contains 70% alcohol

  • One box contains 24 pieces

Nice to know


Aloe Vera

All hand sanitizer contains aloe vera for a fresh scent


Against bacteria

Protects hands against bacteria and viruses


Santé Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer 500ml

  • Suitable for crowded public places, such as shopping malls

  • Contains 75% alcohol

  • One box contains 40 pieces


Santé Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer 1000ml

  • Suitable as a refill for the Sanitizer Station disinfection columns

  • Contains 75% alcohol

  • One box contains 20 pieces


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