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This is how you use your Core Hygienics

Covid-19 self test.

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Testing for Covid-19?

You can test whether you have Corona using the Core Covid-19 self-test. The self-test is available throughout the Netherlands and you will have the result within 10 minutes.

Result in 10 minutes

The self-test shows after 10 minutes whether you are infected with Covid-19. This is 33% faster than any other self-test.

Dutch self test

The Core Hygienics Covid-19 self-test is available throughout the Netherlands.

This is how you use the self test.

Take a sample

Remove the nasal swab from the packaging. Insert the cotton swab into one of the nostrils. Do this 2 - 4 cm in adults and 1 - 2 cm in children. Twist the swab 5 times against the mucous membranes in the nostril. Repeat this process in the other nostril.


Dissolve the sample

Open the extraction buffer with liquid and place the swab in the tube. Twist the swab 3-5 times for 10 seconds. At the same time, squeeze the tube. Continue to squeeze as you remove the swab to remove as much liquid as possible. Place the cap on the tube.

Testing dissolved sample

Place the test cassette on a flat surface. Gently squeeze the tube and apply 2 drops to the round marked area. Set a 10-minute timer.

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Read test result

Read the result from the test cassette. Do this within 30 minutes, otherwise the result will be incorrect and the test may be declared invalid. Tested positive? Contact your doctor or general practitioner or call the GGD on 0800-1202 or go to

User instructions

Contents of the test kit.

Test cassette

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Waste bag

Middel 4.png

Sterile swab

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Tube holder

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Tube with liquid

Qualification certificate


Click here to download our German user manual
Click here to download our English user manual
Click here to download our Dutch user manual

Nice to know


Certified in the Netherlands

All rapid tests are approved for European legislation


Fast results

Results are shown within approx. 10 minutes

Interested or questions?
Contact us!

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